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The International Day for Biodiversity is celebrated on May 22. To mark this celebration and to raise awareness to the need to preserve biodiversity, several events will take place throughout the country, not only on that specific date, but also along the week, from May 18 to 23. In particular, the Environmental Education Centre of “Quinta do Passal”, in Gondomar, invites everyone – adults, teenagers and high school students, small children and families to engage a wide range of educational activities during this Biodiversity Week.


These activities, coordinated by CIBIO-InBIO’s researcher Cristiana Vieira with the collaboration of Cláudia Oliveira, Cristiana Alves and Ricardo Pinto, are framed within the scope of the citizen science initiative “Pé n’A Terra”. Promoted by the digital platform Biodiversity4All, the series of events developed in this context have the main goal of creating opportunities to monitor biodiversity by registering all observations made at given time points of the many different forms it assumes.


For more information about these activities, please, visit the links below:

Semana da Biodiversidade – Plano de proposta de atividades (Portuguese only)


You can also find the full range of activities available online, by clicking here (Portuguese only)

And a description of the activities can also be found here (Portuguese only)


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