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Board of Directors

The overall management of the Center is overseen by the Board of Directors, which includes:

Nuno Ferrand de Almeida

 Luís Folhadela
Associate Director for Administration and Finances

Gabriel Marais 
Associate Director for Research and Innovation

 Pedro Beja
Associate Director of Operations,
Fund Raising and Knowledge Transfer

Administrative & Service Units

Executive Coordination
Rita Araújo | Sara Lemos Ferreira

Financial Management
Fernando Rodrigues | Laura Guerra | Marta Rodrigues

Human Resources Management
Ana Campos

Laboratory Management
Sara João

Legal Affairs
Joana Filipa Alves

Post-Graduation Management
Project Management
Isa Ribeiro | Jorge Neves | Sandra Rodrigues | Tatiana Coelho

Reception Services
Márcia Magalhães | Susana Rocha

Science Communication and Outreach
Vitor Lima

Services and Technology Transfer
Sandra Aresta

Quality of Life

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