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767 Theses
Claire Buchan (2021) Consequences of migratory strategies in the context of anthropogenic threats. University of East Anglia, UK. Supervisors: Inês Catry, Aldina Franco (University of East Anglia, UK), James Gilroy (University of East Anglia, UK), Phil Atkinson (BTO, UK).
Demetris Panayiotou (2021) Application of ecological modelling in research and management of tree invasions: A meta-analysis of published scientific evidence. Universidad de Granada. Supervisors: Ana Sofia Vaz, Domingo Alcaraz-Segura (Universidad de Granada).
Diogo Costa (2021) The influence of oxygen fronts and mesoscale eddies on the foraging patterns and space use of blue and mako sharks. Universidade do Algarve. Supervisor: Nuno Queiroz
Eva Malta Pinto (2021) Policy-oriented research in invasion science: status, trends, gaps and lessons. Faculty of Science, University of Porto. Supervisors: Joana Vicente, Ana Sofia Vaz, João Honrado.
Filipa Matos Silva Martins (2021) Towards Next-generation Biodiversity Monitoring: Improving Freshwater Quality Assessment using DNA Metabarcoding. Supervisors: Pedro Beja, Paulo Célio Alves, Simon Jarman.
BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto
Frederico Santarém (2021) Ecotourism development for biodiversity conservation and local economic development in remote regions: a multi-scale approach in the Sahara-Sahel. . Supervisors: José Carlos Brito, Jarkko Saarinen (Department of Geography, University of Oulu, Finland & RELATE-Centre of Excellence of the Academy of Finland).
BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto
Inês Oliveira (2021) Parasitic costs and host-preferences: The case of an avian ectoparasite, Carnus hemapterus, in different social contexts. MSc in Biologia da Conservação - University of Lisbon. Supervisors: Inês Catry, Jorge Palmeirim (University of Lisbon).
Joana Araújo (2021) Roads as a driver of changes in the bird community and disruptors of Ecosystem Services provision. MSc in Biologia da Conservação - University of Lisbon. Supervisors: Inês Catry, Fernando Ascenção (University of Lisbon).
João Manuel Carvalho Lemos Gonçalves Lima (2021) Predicting the impacts of climate change on West African colobines: insights for conservation and management. Supervisors: Maria Joana Ferreira da Silva, Sílvia Carvalho and Ângela Lomba.
Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto
Jorge Miguel Gonçalves Simões (2021) FlexOmics: Flexible Toolkit for Genomic Statistical Analysis. Master in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Universidade do Porto. Supervisors: José Melo-Ferreira, Sérgio Crisóstomo (U.Porto, Portugal).
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