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707 Theses
Frederica Gerini (2018) Structure and connectivity of sympatric primate species across a human-dominated landscape: population genetics of Western Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) and Guinea Baboon (Papio papio) in Guinea Bissau, West Africa. University of Pisa, Italy. Supervisors: Maria Joana Ferreira da Silva, Sergio Tofanelli (Univ. Pisa)
Ivo da Costa (2018) Thermocline influence on the vertical behaviour of marine predators. Supervisor: Nuno Queiroz
Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto
Joana Mendes (2018) Molecular evolution and phylogeny of Lacertids: implications for biogeography, taxonomy and conservation. PhD in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto. Supervisors: David James Harris, Salvador Carranza
João Carlos Campos Rodrigues (2018) Landscape connectivity and Remote Sensing applications for assessing biodiversity patterns in desert environments. Supervisors: José Carlos Brito.
Doutoramento em Biodiversidade, Genética e Evolução
João Pissarra (2018) Phylogenetic and ecological characterization of monitor lizards in Northern Africa. Supervisors: José Carlos Brito, Guillermo Velo-Antón
Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto
José Pereira (2018) Social life or comfortable home? Spatial priorities in refuge site selection by geckos from Cabo Verde. Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto. Supervisor: Miguel Carretero, Co-supervisor: Raquel Vasconcelos
Maria Paúl (2018) Drivers of amphibian phylogenetic diversity and endemism in the Iberian Peninsula. Supervisors: Sílvia Ricardo Carvalho, Dan Rosauer (ANU College of Science)
Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto
Miguel Baptista (2018) Life history biology and ecology of the world's largest bony fish, Mola mola. Universidade de Lisboa. Supervisors: Nuno Queiroz, Rui Rosa (MARE, Laboratório Marítimo da Guia, Universidade de Lisboa), Joana Raimundo
Paulo Silva (2018) O papel da dopamina nos perfis comportamentais do bico de lacre comum (Estrilda astrild). University of Porto. Supervisors: Marta Soares, Sandra Trigo.
Pedro de França Doria Vaz Pinto (2018) Ecological and genetic analysis of Angola’s giant sable antelope (Hippotragus niger variani): conservation implications. Universidade do Porto. Supervisor: Nuno Ferrand, Co-supervisor: Raquel Godinho
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