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Spring School of the Biological Station of Mértola 2022

Spring School of the Biological Station of Mértola 2022
The 1st Summer School at the Biological Station of Mértola took place between March 28 and April 8, 2022 and was organised in a close collaboration between BIOPOLIS-CIBIO and the University of Montpellier, involving 35 students and 4 professors from University of Montpellier. 

Participants were based in Mértola and developed field work each day to carry out their studies, whose themes and methodologies had been previously developed. The research themes were mainly focused on environment and biodiversity, involving for example various methods and sampling techniques in study areas such as the Guadiana River, Ribeira de Carreiras River, Guadiana Nature Park, and Mértola village.

Click here to watch a set of videos created by students from the University of Montpelier

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