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The TV programme, which first aired on January 9, 2017, includes 12 episodes of 10 minutes each, exploring the professional path and goals of 12 young researchers of the Azores Archipelago. Each new episode, featuring a different researcher, brings us closer to what drives and conditions these young experts’ practices who share their views in enticing interviews and talks. This series, coordinated by CIBIO-InBIO researcher Sérgio Ávila aims to disseminate the exquisite research work developed by the Azorean research community, shedding some light on the daily routine in the laboratory or in the field, and unveiling some of the most fascinating aspects of their work. The programme also highlights the role of science within society and hopefully contributes to engage the next generation of scientists to reflect and take action towards these relevant aspects.


This project was made possible with the support of de Regional Secretary of Sea, Science and Technology of the Azorean Regional Government and explores a selection of key topics, like history, geology and biology, counting with the participation of CIBIO-InBIO researchers Andrea Zita Botelho and Pedro Raposeiro.


“Jovens Cientistas dos Açores” Technical Information:


Authors: Sérgio Ávila e José Serra
Texts: Sérgio Ávila
Images: José Serra
Original Soundtrack: Rafael Carvalho & Sérgio Ávila
Underwater Images: José Serra
Drone Images: Fernando Couto (HobbyFactor)
Edition: José Serra e Sérgio Ávila
Post-Production: Rui Machado
Production: José Serra
Coordination: Sérgio Ávila


Researchers - Interviews

(Click to see the available videos)

a) São Miguel / Geosciences Department(1)
- Fátima Viveiros – Secondary volcanism manifestations


b) São Miguel / Biology Department(4)
- Andrea Zita Botelho – Seashore management and tourism
- Artur Gil – Remote sensing techniques
- Mafalda Raposo – Human genetics
- Pedro Raposeiro – Freshwater ecosystems ecology


c) São Miguel / History Department (1)
- Sérgio Rezendes – Azorean Military History of the XX Century


d) Faial / Ocean and Fishery Department (3)
- Ana Colaço – Deep hydrothermal vents
- Mónica Silva – Cetaceans and whale-watching tourism
- Pedro Afonso – Marine areas and pelagic fishes telemetry


e) Terceira / Agrarian Sciences Department (3)
- Teresa Ferreira – Azorean termites: monitoring and eradication
- Joana Barcelos Ramos –Phytoplankton: the basis of the marine food chain
- Duarte Mendonça – Molecular phytopathology


To know more about the upcoming episodes make sure to stay alert for RTP Açores’ programming grid.


For more information about the programme (in Portuguese), click here.


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