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Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources (CIBIO-InBIO) and Institute of Tropical Scientific Research presented the book Butterflies of Angola. The presentation occurred in the CIBIO-InBIO facilities, in Campus Agrário de Vairão, on 13 February 2014.



This is the first volume of a series of three, which counts about 170 species of Lepidoptera belonging to the families Hesperiidae and Papilionidae. Inside you can find information about the morphology of the butterflies, the techniques to study them, their geographic distribution in Angola, the ecological relations, and the economic importance. The texts are complemented with a pleasant graphic execution: beautiful pictures of butterflies, photographs of the habitats and maps of geographic distribution.


Nuno Ferrand (director of CIBIO-InBIO) was in charge of opening and closing the presentation session. To talk about the book, were present the three authors: Luís F. Mendes, António Bivar de Sousa e Rui Figueira. The authors reported their experiences during the field work and also during the writing of the book, remembered some moments passed in Angola, mentioned the importance of studying butterflies and talked about the next two volumes that are already being prepared. The authors underlined that we know very little about fauna in Portuguese ex-colonies, mainly when we talk about Lepidoptera, stressing that there is a lot of work to be done.


Researchers from CIBIO-InBIO, professors from University of Porto and people interested in the study of these insects attended to this session. The presentation counted with the presence of the Consul of Angola.


Watch the video of the event at TVU's webiste:

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