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Systematics, Population Genetics and Propagation of Priority Azorean Endemic Vascular Plants

The project aims the study and conservation of priority Azorean endemic plants through the use of molecular markers i) to reassess doubtful taxonomic positions, specially by comparison with close European and other Macaronesian archipelagos taxa and ii) to clarify relationships among populations of the Azorean islands (genetic diversity, populations divergence); iii) it intends also to define protocols for their propagation, in order to preserve their genetic richness. Inter-island genetic affinity of vascular endemisms will be searched and the genetic contamination risks resulting from exchanges of plant material between islands determined; the process shall yield appropriate protocols for re-forestation. Models will be used according to the following categories: i) taxa in danger of extinction - Euphrasia azorica, Euphrasia grandiflora, Lactuca watsoniana and Veronica dabney; ii) taxa suitable for reforestation plans - Prunus lusitanica ssp. azorica, Picconia azorica; and iii) taxa with doubtful taxonomic position - Leontodon spp.

Principal Investigator
Luís Filipe Dias e Silva

Luís Filipe Dias e Silva

Position: Assistant Professor
Proponent Institution
Funded by
2007 (Duration: 3 years)
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