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Spatial Demand for Energy

In the Azores there are different Spatial Plans that establish the future and use scenarios. Those Plans are legally binding, therefore with a strong expression on the political options for land use. Also, in the base of each Plan there are population and economical projections that inform the needed for land use.

Problems arrive because the different Plans dont have an integrated approach, meaning they overlap, theres gaps in between and probably incompatible options.The aim of this Project consists on the elaboration of a Global Scenario meaning the reunion of all different ones spread among the different Plans. To achieve this, all the Plans will assed, and a pattern of land use/Energy Consumption will be presented. The energy Consumption will be based on the actual Consumptions on rural/urban (services, residential, industry) areas in a measurable unit yet to be defined. The data existing in EDA will be base to establish the unit. At the end an account of Carbon Sequestration for a possible REDD mechanism is also presented.

Principal Investigator
Helena Maria Gregório Pina Calado

Helena Maria Gregório Pina Calado

Position: Assistant Professor
Other members
Braga A, Gil A
Proponent Institution
University of the Azores
Funded by
Green Islands MIT Project Portugal
0000 (Duration: 2011 years)
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