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I understood
Eliana Caramujo Soukiazes

Eliana Caramujo Soukiazes


Member type
Technical Staff
Departamento Ciências da Vida, Laboratório de Etologia, Rua Arco da Traição, 3000-056 Coimbra, Portuga

I graduated in Biology in the University of Coimbra, and after I enrolled in the Masters in Ecology, also in the University of Coimbra. Under the supervision of Dr. Paulo Gama Mota I could work in my preferred researching area, animal behaviour.

I’m currently working on my master thesis on multiple ornaments and sexual selection on a passerine bird. The main objective of my research is to clarify the presence of multiple ornaments (song and colouration) in male serins, Serinus serinus, checking for the type of linkage between them and the characteristics that they are signaling.

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