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Diogo André Alves Salgado Rodrigues Alagador

Diogo André Alves Salgado Rodrigues Alagador

Post-Doc Researcher

Post-Doc Researcher
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Former Members
CIBIO-InBIO, Universidade de Évora, Casa Cordovil 2ª Andar, Rua Dr. Joaquim Henrique da Fonseca, 7000-890 Évora, Portugal

My research interests revolve mainly around systematic conservation prioritization. I have particular interest in developing novel conceptual and methodological approaches integrating the impacts of climate change and other dynamic processes into area prioritization. To follow this aim I use mathematical (mostly combinatorics) and statistical tools, integrated in optimising algorithms, to achieve the best solutions (either minimising costs or maximising utility).


My background is in Biology (BSc.) and Applied Mathematics (MSc.) and during my PhD I fused both interests with the development of quantitative tools to assist selection of areas for species conservation under climate change.


Presently, I am working as an FCT post-doctoral fellow in the ‘Rui Nabeiro’ Biodiversity Chair at the University of Évora, Portugal.

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