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António Paulo Pereira Mira

António Paulo Pereira Mira

Assistant Professor

13 Theses
Denis Ricardo Isidro Medinas (2000) BATCONNECT - An integrative approach combining molecular, behavioural and ecological data to assess the effects of roads on bats. BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto. Supervisors:António Paulo Pereira Mira ,Ana Márcia Enes Barbosa,Hugo Emanuel Vitorino Rebelo
Helena Marques (2000) The influence of predation risk on pacth occupancy, space use and population dynamics of the Cabrera vole (Microtus cabrerae). University of Évora. Supervisors: Pedro Beja, António Mira
Ricardo Pita Persistence and coexistence of spatially structured populations in heterogeneous environments: the case of Cabrera and water voles in Mediterranean farmland. Doutoramento em Biologia, Universidade de Évora. Supervisors: Pedro Beja, António Mira (Universidade de Évora).
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