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Plant Functional Biology course highlighted excellency in plant research

Plant Functional Biology course highlighted excellency in plant research

This month at BIOPOLIS-CIBIO we had the first edition of the advanced course in Plant Functional Biology, which combined lectures with practical work, introducing strategies to study gene function in plants. Indeed, the special focus of this course resided on genes, their function and how they can provide answers to central questions in modern plant biology. Carefully selected topics included the plant response to environmental stress caused by climate change, plant defense mechanisms against infectious agents, the improvement of nutritional quality, and the development of specific traits in plants. The course featured updated strategies in molecular biology, plant biotechnology, genetic engineering and various omics, which can diversify and allow the study of basic processes in model plants and the improvement of crops with economic interest.

This course’s first edition was an initiative of the PlantBio group at BIOPOLIS-CIBIO, and brought together participants from across the country. For five days, participants contacted with reference researchers from different national institutes and various international researcher centers, with emphasis on the participation of the University of Montpellier, the partnering institution of the BIOPOLIS Program. This ambitiously designed course highlighted the importance of Functional Plant Biology and the paramount need for the implementation of sophisticated research strategies, which will be absolutely crucial for a sustainable future built on a plant-based green economy.


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