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European Commissioner Elisa Ferreira visits Mértola Biological Station

European Commissioner Elisa Ferreira visits Mértola Biological Station
On September 23 took place the ceremony that signaled the beginning of the rehabilitation of the building that will host the Biological Station of Mértola (EBM).

This event was attended by Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms; Ana Abrunhosa, Minister for Territorial Cohesion and Isabel Ferreira, Secretary of State for the Development of Inland Regions.

The EBM is a unique scientific project that integrates scientific research, residences for scientists, a Biodiversity Museum, knowledge transfer to the local economy, and solutions for the inland and climate change challenges.

Elisa Ferreira highlighted the relevance of the project for the region: "this is a visionary project, a great example of an intelligent strategy for territorial cohesion, combining business attraction, knowledge transmission, job creation, heritage preservation and the involvement of everyone and society in general”.

To know more about the project please visit this webpage

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