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André Vicente Liz wins 2023 GBIF Graduate Researchers Award

André Vicente Liz wins 2023 GBIF Graduate Researchers Award
BIOPOLIS-CIBIO PhD student André Vicente Liz, of the research group BIODESERTS,  has been named one of the two winners of the 2023 GBIF Graduate Researchers Award, an initiative that promotes and encourages innovation in biodiversity-related research using data shared through the GBIF network.

The research now recognised and carried out as part of the BIODIV Doctoral Programme will provide integrated, up-to-date knowledge of the fauna of the Sahara-Sahel, taking into account its ecological diversity (species responses to habitat changes) and evolutionary diversity (genetic variability within species). Its value goes beyond the purely academic, as it has become fundamental knowledge for designing biodiversity conservation strategies in the deserts of North Africa that are adapted to today's realities and needs.

To carry out this study, André Liz used more than 21,000 observations from GBIF to infer the distribution of 325 confirmed genetic lineages and to model the current and historical distribution of the species.

The Board of Directors of BIOPOLIS-CIBIO congratulates André Liz on this great achievement.

To access to the award announcement please click here

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