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PhD studentship grant | Biological Sciences

Reference: BIOPOLIS 2022-51
Job description:

PhD studentship grant

Reference: BIOPOLIS 2022-51
Research field: Biological Sciences

The Research Centre in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources - Network in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (CIBIO-InBIO) is opening a Call for 1 (one) PhD studentship grant in Biological Sciences, complying with the provisions of the FCT Regulation for Studentships and Fellowships (RBI) and the Research Fellowship Holder Statute (EBI).

The scholarship will be funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P. (FCT) under the Financing Collaboration Protocol of the Multiannual Plan for Research Scholarships for PhD Students, signed between FCT and the R&D Unit, Network in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (InBIO), No. 50027
The Call is open from August 08th to 5:00 pm (Lisbon time) of November 14th, 2022.


Title: Single-cell omics of feather colouration.

Project description: Bird feather colouration is among the most compelling examples of phenotypic variation in nature. By encompassing differences at multiple levels (e.g. species, individuals, sexes, and body parts), and by being subject to both ecological and sexual selection, it offers a powerful study system for evolutionary research. Feathers represent the most complex epidermal structures of vertebrates, involving elaborate colour patterns whose developmental and biochemical bases are only partially understood. This project seeks to tackle the genetic, developmental, and cellular basis of colours in birds from an innovative perspective by explicitly focusing on single-cell omics methodologies applied to feather and colour patterning morphogenesis. The successful candidate will work collaboratively with members of the Evolutionary Genetics and Genomic group (EVOLGEN) at CIBIO and directly with the group leader Dr. Miguel Carneiro and with Dr. Roberto Arbore and will be enrolled in the Doctoral Programme in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. Taking advantage of the availability of natural and domesticated colour variants among several bird species, as routinely employed in the host lab, the candidate is expected to develop his/her own project within the framework of the lab’s research in animal colouration.

We offer a dynamical and interactive working environment within a team with wide-ranging research interests and with strong population genomics and genetics expertise. We value creativity, collaborative skills, and a passionate and open-mind attitude towards biological research. Previous experience in developmental and/or cell biology and genomics is an asset. Prior experience in animal coloration and avian biology will be valued, although not required. Questions can be directed to Miguel Carneiro ( and Roberto Arbore (

Applications, and all the supporting documents described in this Notice, must be submitted online using the application form available at

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