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Ethics and Biodiversity

29 Jan 2021 - Carlos Almeida Pereira, CIBIO–InBIO | 15h30
Ethics and Biodiversity

As a reaction to the serious risks derived from the global environmental crisis, scenarios of mitigation of its impacts via scientific research strategies have being sought on a solid basis for several years.
Although this epistemic scheme would be certainly a sensible solution, specifically when it becomes urgent to deal with the unprecedented challenges on attempting to reconcile human well-being and economic prosperity with the protection of the surrounding environment, the threat doesn't seem to be fading.
Subsequently, for a long-term sustainability of this approach we believe it would be crucial to conjugate these efforts with consolidated mental structuration methodologies, in which the prominence of the intrinsic value of the natural ecosystems should be strongly emphasized, even if still in correlation with the importance of biodiversity for communities’ economic and social welfare.
In the circumstance we propose a reflection on the relevance of a pedagogical field on "Ethics and Biodiversity”, even due to the fact that the ethical dimension may be considered crucial for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.

Carlos Almeida Pereira is the Executive Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair Life on Land and of CIBIO-InBIO’s Network of Twinlabs in Africa. At CIBIO, he is the responsible person for the coordination of the executive management of these two programmes, as well as for the promotion and representation of CIBIO at international level in this context. Carlos holds a PhD in Bioethics, a Master’s degree in Management of Science, Technology & Innovation, a Post-Graduation Course in Bioethics (with Specialization in Anthropology and Health), a Post-Graduation Course in Neurosciences, and a Degree in Philosophy.
Carlos was a Researcher and (invited) Assistant Professor at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (2007-2012) and Universidade do Porto (2013-2018) in the areas of Philosophy of Science, Ethics and Bioethics and, prior to join CIBIO, he worked as Science Officer at Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT, IP), having developed coordination activities of transnational collaborative initiatives in the domains of Social Sciences & Humanities, Neurosciences and Biotechnologies.
Philosophy of Science, Ethics, Neurosciences, Science & Technology Policies and Management, and Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Development and Natural Heritage Protection are, at the moment, the areas to which he dedicates a more intensive effort.

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