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Conservation of the Mediterranean Flora: from theory to practice

07 Sep 2023 - Gianluigi Baccheta, University of Cagliari (Italy) | 16h00 | CIBIO’s Auditorium, Campus de Vairão
Conservation of the Mediterranean Flora: from theory to practice

The Mediterranean Basin is one of the world's biodiversity hotspots, home to more than 25,000 vascular plant species in 15,000 km2 of territory. The high rate of endemicity is one of the main characteristics of the Mediterranean flora. Almost 60% of all taxa are endemic, half of which have a limited distribution, in so-called "micro" and "nano" hotspots. These are mainly found on blu islands, located for example on mountain tops or isolated rocky outcrops, often within true continental islands. This high biodiversity is profoundly threatened by anthropogenic disturbances and, despite numerous studies on vascular plants, the continuing need for their conservation both ex situ and in situ is highlighted. The "from theory to practice" approach is presented through several examples of local and concrete contexts, but also of extensive collaborations between different scientific and non-scientific institutions, as well as the creation of numerous national and international networks. The aim is to highlight the need for more efficient collaboration between countries and institutions for the development of future projects and initiatives. 

Gianluigi Bacchetta is a full professor and director of the CCB (Centre for Biodiversity Conservation) at the University of Cagliari. Vice-coordinator of the Doctorate in Earth and Environmental Sciences and Technologies. President of the Genmeda network and vice-president of the scientific council of the Conservatoire Botanique National Corse. He is editor of the journals Plant Biosystems and Plant Sociology, and associate editor of the journals Documents Phytossociologiques, Mediterranean Botany and Journal of Zoological and Botanical Gardens.

[Host: Carlos Vila-Viçosa, Plant Biology - PLANTBIO, Predicting and Managing Ecological Change - ECOCHANGE]
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