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BIODIV Annual Meeting 2022

From 27 Jan 2022 until 28 Jan 2022 - Virtual Event
BIODIV Annual Meeting 2022
"Found & Lost”
Many times, biologists have an ungrateful mission, in which there are no positive results at the end of the tunnel. Frequently, it seems like trying to grab sand with our hands, and, in spite of the actions taken, many of us suffer when seeing the populations and species of study perish in face of the increasing menaces.

One of the main concerns of biologists worldwide is trying to implement valuable tools or methodologies in order to prevent the disappearance of many of the species or populations that they study, or, in the worst cases, at least try to study, record, and save germplasm in order to avoid the irreparable loss of their demise.

This year we would like to dedicate our conference to celebrate the incredible advances that the scientific community has achieved exploring the planet’s biodiversity and how it is essential for each ecosystem. We aim to highlight all the efforts put in place, as well as to share concerns, predictions and ideas in order to discuss, what we as PhD students, scientists and members of society, can do to contribute to the study of species and populations and what we can do to reduce, prevent, or revert the loss of biodiversity.

The meeting will be held Online on the afternoons of 27 and 28 of January 2022.

For more information and to access the registration form, please visit the BIODIV Annual Meeting 2022 webpage

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