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27 Sep 2018 - PROGRAMME

Keep your agenda updated with the Advanced Courses @ CIBIO-InBIO in 2018/2019


Make sure to regularly visit this page to check the FULL LIST OF ADVANCED COURSES available:







29-31 October, 2018
Scripting and command line tricks for biologists




26-28 November, 2018
Phylogenetic Comparative Methods for studying diversification and phenotypic evolution 




10-14 December, 2018

Introduction to R




14-16 January, 2019

Gene prediction and annotation of whole genomes




28 January-01 February, 2019

Multivariate Statistics for Ecology and Evolution




11-15 February, 2019

Ecological niche modelling from theory to practice




26-28 February, 2019

Functional morphology: evolution of form and function from individuals to species




18-20 March, 2019

Models in Invasion Ecology: Challenges and Applications




27-29 March, 2019

Introduction to programming for bioinformatics using Java




08-11 April, 2019

Applied Wildlife Population Ecology




06-07 May, 2019

Introduction to the iTree Suite & Workshop on iTree Canopy and i-Tree ECO




20-24 May, 2019

Archaeogenetics approaches to investigate domestication and evolution




04-06 June, 2019

How viruses work? Principles and methods for their study




01-05 July, 2019

Theoretical perspectives on biodiversity and biogeography





Please note that new rules apply for all BIODIV students.




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