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Ponds with Life

Ponds with Life
The environmental education campaign "Ponds with Life" started by CIBIO-InBIO-UP in 2010 aims to raise public awareness on ponds’ importance and to engage the population in biodiversity conservation and monitoring programs.

The campaign website provides information and a vast set of pedagogical activities. Registered entities are invited to perform pond surveys, adopt a pond for pedagogical exploration and conservation or create new ponds. Ponds revealed to be excellent models for environmental education, allowing a variety of exploration activities and a close contact with numerous species almost anywhere, even in urban areas and schools gardens. 

Additionally, there is an ongoing national pond survey based on citizen science methodologies, to build the first map of ponds and similar water bodies in Portugal!
To find out more about this the Pond Inventory and to participate, click here!

To find out more about Ponds with Life environmental educational project, click here.

CIBIO-InBIO coordinated Charcos com Vida between 2010 and late 2014. Since then, the project is under CIIMAR coordination.

José Teixeira
Jael Palhas
Armando Alves
Eunice Sousa
Vera Ventura


Participant Institutions and Partners
Ciência Viva, Altriflorestal, Naturlink, Pond Conservation, EPCN, FSC, BioDiversity4All, Optimus.

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