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The Ocean Sampling Day (OSD) is a simultaneous sampling campaign of the world’s oceans which took place (for the first time) on the summer solstice (June 21st) in the year 2014. These cumulative samples, related in time, space and environmental parameters, provide insights into fundamental rules describing microbial diversity and function and contribute to the blue economy through the identification of novel, ocean-derived biotechnologies. We see OSD data as a reference data set for generations of experiments to follow in the coming decade.

OSD Citizen Science campaign (MyOSD): Collecting important environmental data like latitude, longitude, temperature, wind speed and others will help the scientist to get a better understanding of the world’s oceans.

An open call to participate in Ocean Sampling Day hoping to invite more external participants to join the future OSD events on June 21st (deadline for application is 1st of May).People associated with a marine research site, research cruise or a sailor/skipper and would like to participate in OSD would have to express interest by by sending an email to

Scientific Area(s) | Área(s) científica(s):
Microbial ecology | Ecologia microbiana
Oceanography | Oceanografia
Biodiversity | Biodiversidade

Proponent Institution(s) | Instituição/ões Proponente(s):
Jacobs University Bremen (Germany)

Partners Institution(s) | Instituição/ões Parceira(s):
Click here to see a full list of participant institutions

Coordinator | Coordenador:
Frank Oliver Glöckner

Contact Person @ CIBIO-InBIO | Contacto no CIBIO-InBIO:

Other Team members | Outros membros da Equipa:

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