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Manuals: Corno de Bico Protected Landscape

Manuals: Corno de Bico Protected Landscape
Here you can access a collection of manuals focused on various aspects related with the ecology and biodiversity of Lagoa da Salgueirinha, Turfeira do Lameiro das Cebolas and the conservation of Narcissus cyclamineus the river Coura basin.

These manuals, produced in the scope of the project ‘Gestão Activa do Sítio PTCON0040 - Recuperação e Promoção de Espaços e Espécies Protegidas’, resulting from the collaboration between CIBIO/InBIO researchers and Paredes de Coura City Hall, are interesting and useful resources for science and environmental education.

The full set of manuals is available here, or you can download them individually:

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