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Initiation to the plastic arts for Biologists

Initiation to the plastic arts for Biologists

The course "Initiation to the Plastic Arts for Biologists” aims to explore the applications of Plastic Arts in Biology, providing some insights about the parallel evolution of art and science throughout history, and discussing the values and plastic materials and plastic techniques that are potentially more useful for biology students and professional biologists.

This four-day course, led by Raquel Vasconcelos and Mariana de Castro, will provide techniques on "learning to see", that will be developed through practical exercises and a field trip to the Botanical Garden, University of Porto.

The course will end with an exhibition of the work produced by the participants. The exhibition will take place in the gallery Metamorfose, located in the centre of Porto, and that will be open to the public during a weekend.

The course will be held in February 15-18 (after work) and registration is open between January 16 and February 8.

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