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Exhibition Invasão da Casa Andresen | Animais de museu

Exhibition Invasão da Casa Andresen | Animais de museu
More than 100 animals have invaded Casa Andresen, in Porto Botanical Garden

The animals came from every continent, invaded the house, occupied it.

They came to join the imaginary world built by Sophia de Mello Breyner in this magical place, which comprised a whale inside the house, a party of all the flowers, and a bronze boy in the garden.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in an exhibition, to see the house once again, to watch the animal species, to galvanize biodiversity.

This exhibition, organized in collaboration with CIBIO/InBio, has a installation/staging character and the visitors are invited to be actors in the performance, using flashlights to explore the inside of the house themselves, taken over in an extraordinary way by the animals.

In the last part of the exhibition, it is possible to delve into the most modern taxidermy techniques behind the outstanding scenes of animals in natural poses and impossible balances.

Invasão da Casa Andresen | Animais de Museu

May 18 to November 18, 2013

Casa Andresen - Jardim Botânico do Porto (Museu de História Natural da Universidade do Porto)

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