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Applied botany - A Junior University Summer Project

Applied botany - A Junior University Summer Project

Applied botany is a laboratory-based summer project that seeks to raise awareness about plants and their various applications.

This one-week long project, implemented in the scope of Porto's Junior University, comprised a set of hands-on activities for high school students (14-17 years old) focusing on the identification of plants and their use in forensic botany. Students were invited to work in a laboratory, where they had to use traces and other evidences to solve a mysterious police case. By engaging in these activities, they learned about the microscopic structures that identify an otherwise unrecognizable plant, the ecology that connects two seemingly disparate places, and how the way to seed travels can tell us much more than we suspect.

The project is promoted by CIBIO- InBIO and coordinated by João TeresoAna Cláudia Oliveira, Ana Paula Portela and Leonardo da Fonte.

To find out more about this project, visit Porto's Junior University website.

Editions: 2016

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