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sTWIST – Theory and Workflows for Alien and Invasive Species Tracking. iDiv funding

sTWIST – Theory and Workflows for Alien and Invasive Species Tracking. iDiv funding
Alien and invasive alien species (AIS) numbers, geographic ranges and impacts on biodiversity continue to grow. Developing theory rich, synthetic workflows to deal with this highly policy-relevant problem and key threat to biodiversity is essential. Doing so is not only scientifically exciting, but also theory, methods and data have never been combined in the way we plan for this purpose. The proposed sTWIST collaboration and workshops will enable us to fast track progress to having a scientifically robust method for tracking invasions globally, by completing the conceptual and theoretical development that is an essential precursor for robust invasion indicators. This project will advance research on the dynamics of biological invasion to support indicators by developing the theoretical background and relevant methods and approaches. These will then be combined in useful workflows which enable end-users to produce robust AIS indicators in reproducible steps. Expected contributions include new methods, workflows for how to combine methods and data, first versions of indicators based on a pilot study, peer-reviewed publications and ultimately a sound foundation for operational invasion indicators. We further plan to draft a research proposal for funding options to implement the solutions that are developed across the three workshops. Communicating closely with the CBD, GBIF and the IUCN (ISSG) on invasion policy targets, sTWIST will deliver key elements of the foundation needed for long-term monitoring of biological invasions, for improved assessments and more robust reporting.
Joana Vicente

Joana Vicente

Position: Post-Doc Researcher
Other members
Proponent Institution
German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig
2018 (Duration: 2 years)
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