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INVALIS - Improving policies to protect biodivesrity from invasive alien species

INVALIS - Improving policies to protect biodivesrity from invasive alien species

INVALIS will enable the participating territorial authorities to address common challenges associated with biological invasions such as a) knowledge gaps in ecosystems’ vulnerability to biological invasions and species’ distribution, b) lack of awareness about Invasive Alien Species (IAS) environmental and socioeconomic risks, c) low level of cooperation between public authorities and key stakeholders for the implementation of IAS management measures, and c) conflicts of interests. INVALIS brings together 7 partners from 7 different countries: Greece; Italy; Spain; France; Romania; Portugal; Latvia. 

Procurement procedures within the scope of the project: 

Title: Contract of services regarding the activities A1.1 regarding the Activities A1.1 "Comparative analysis of territorial policies on IAS management” and A1.4 "Identifying good practices and case studies regarding IAS management” within the context of the project INVALIS– "Protecting European Biodiversity from Invasive Alien Species", (Ref. no: PGI05271), which is co-funded by the INTERREG EUROPE program.

Description: Contract of services of support as part of activities A1.1 and A1.4 by developing the following deliverables: 1.Report on IAS territorial policies from EU-28 non-partnership countries; 2.Report with good practices for IAS management from EU28 non-partnership countries

Procedure reference: INVALIS – TERO PC

Contract date: 2019-04-01
Contract Deadline (days): 365
Type of procedure: contract within the scope of Decreto-Lei n.º 60/2018 of the 3rd of August
Contract price: 12 000 €
Contracting authority: ICETA-UP – NIF:503178306
Supplier: Tero-PC – NIF: EL 999256823

To know more about the project, please vist the official website here.

Joana Ribeiro

Joana Ribeiro

Position: Post-Doc Researcher
Luís Reino

Luís Reino

Position: Post-Doc Researcher
Mário Mota-Ferreira

Mário Mota-Ferreira

Position: PhD Student
Proponent Institution
National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development (Greece)
Funded by
Interreg Europe
2018 (Duration: 4 years)
Participant Institutions
agricultural policies and territory – Regional Government of Extremadura (Spain), Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency (Romania), Corsican Agency of Environment (France), ICETA, Institute of Sciences, Lombardy Foundation for the Environment (Italy), National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development (Greece), Regional Ministry for environment and rural, Technologies and Agroenvironment of the University of Porto (ICETA - Portugal), Zemgale Planning Region (Latvia).
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