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Conservation Status of Mesalina pasteuri, Tarentola chazaliae, Lytorhynchus diadema, and Varanus griseus in the Parc National du Banc d’Arguin (Mauritania)

Conservation Status of <em>Mesalina pasteuri</em>, <em>Tarentola chazaliae</em>,<em> Lytorhynchus diadema</em>, and <em>Varanus griseus</em> in the Parc National du Banc d&rsquo;Arguin (Mauritania)

The study has three main objectives settled to increase the current knowledge about biodiversity of the Parc National du Banc d’Arguin (Mauritania), in particular of reptiles: 1.) Determine the distribution of four target species (Mesalina pasteuri, Tarentola chazaliae, Lytorhynchus diadema, and Varanus griseus) in the PNBA from field work sampling; 2) Identify suitable areas for the occurrence of the target species. Field work observations of the target species will be combined with published observations to derive Ecological niche-based models. Models will be developed by contrasting presence data with high resolution environmental factor variability (including topographic, climatic and land-cover variables) using Maxent modelling software; and 3) Characterise selected habitats of target species. Habitat descriptors will be collected during the field which will contribute for the accurate characterisation of selected habitats. 

This study will provide new data on biodiversity distribution in the PNBA, concerning the target species and also other reptile species present in the area. This information constitutes the framework for the development of optimised conservation strategies in the Protected Area.

Principal Investigator
Andack Saad Sow

Andack Saad Sow

Position: PhD Student
José Carlos Brito

José Carlos Brito

Position: Principal Researcher
Other members
S. Fahd
Proponent Institution
Funded by
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
2011 (Duration: 1 year)
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