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Conservation Status of Addax nasomaculatus in Mauritania

Conservation Status of <em>Addax nasomaculatus</em> in Mauritania

The present study proposes to achieve one main objective, with two possible additional objectives: 1) Assess the status of Addax in Mauritania. If the species is detected, the study also proposes to: 2) characterize genetically the possible Mauritanian population; and 3) estimate effective population size using noninvasive molecular methods.

This study will provide information about the presence of the target species in Mauritania and therefore, increase the current knowledge about the distribution of the Addax in the Sahara desert. Moreover, if species presence is confirmed, the project will also contribute with important information about the description of the population, a comprehensive characterization to quantify Addax genetic variation (in comparison to other Sahara-Sahel populations) and effective population size. The study will allow estimating range size which is useful for updating the current conservation status of the species. Finally, the project will contribute with framework data for the delineation of (in that case) urgently needed policies for Addax conservation in Mauritania.

Principal Investigator
Cândida Maria Gomes Vale

Cândida Maria Gomes Vale

Position: Collaborator
Proponent Institution
Funded by
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
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