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AARC - Atlantic Aquatic Resource Conservation Project

The aim of this project is to protect and conserve migratory fish species of conservation concern which are also socially, culturally and economically important for rural and maritime communities of the Atlantic Arc region. The AARC Project is an ambitious delivery-phase project which integrates the strongest elements of previous European projects and partnerships into one, coherent, transnational package for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). The project focuses on aquatic resources which present the greatest challenge for integrated management, namely, migratory fish species. The fish species in question (atlantic salmon, european shads, sea trout, marine lamprey) travel from source to see during their life cycles utilising the whole of the North East Atlantic and all the rivers draining into it. They have huge cultural, economic and ecological importance to regions, nations and the EU as a whole. Their identity unites the regions they occupy. 

CIBIO has the following tasks within the AARC project:

  • Coordination of the genetic characterization of european shads populations;
  • Collect samples and organization af a sample database of european shad populations;
  • Development and cross clalibration of informative genetic markers for shad stock identification;
  • Genetic characterization of population structure and stock analysis;
  • Compiling information on the distribution and conservation status of shad populations;
  • Produce an website on european shads with all relevant information on ecology, genetics, geographic distribution, and conservation;
  • Contribution in the preparation and organization of a postgraduate program on Aquatic Resources Conservation;
  • Organization of workshops and project meetings;
  • Dissemination of results and activities.

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Principal Investigator
Paulo Jorge de Barros Alexandrino

Paulo Jorge de Barros Alexandrino

Position: Associate Professor
Rui Faria

Rui Faria

Position: Research Associate
Stephen Joseph Sabatino

Stephen Joseph Sabatino

Position: Research Associate
EVOLGEN, MarChange
Technical Staff
Susana Lopes

Susana Lopes

Position: Research Technician
Proponent Institution
Westcountry Rivers Trust, UK (Lead Partner)
Funded by
EU Atlantic Area Programme
0000 (Duration: 2013 years)
Participant Institutions
Associação de Desenvolvimento Dão, Lafões e Alto Paiva, Associação para o Desenvolvimento Integrado do Ribatejo Norte, Council of Environment & Territorial Ordination, Electricty Supply Board, Environment Agency - UK, ICETA - Univ. Porto, Inland Fisheries Ireland, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Irish Marine Institute., Mancomunidad Cinco Villas, University College Cork, University of Exeter, Westcountry Rivers Trust
European Atlantic Area Programme (Interreg IV)
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