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Simon Jonathan Morton Davis

Simon Jonathan Morton Davis

Auxiliary Researcher

Auxiliary Researcher
Member type
Laboratório de Arqueociências do IGESPAR, I.P., Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, 1349-021, Lisboa.

Born: London 1950.

Education: BSc Zoology, University College London (1971); MSc Zoology, Hebrew University Jerusalem (1973); PhD Zoology, Hebrew University Jerusalem (1979). Thesis title: Large mammals of the Upper Pleistocene of Israel. 

Research interests: man-animal relations during the last 50,000 years, use of archaeological remains of animals to reconstruct the palaeo-environment, the domestication of animals - when, where and why? Improvement of livestock in historical times, osteometric techniques for separating closely related taxa and wild-domestic forms. Zooarchaeological evidence for increasingly stressed conditions - the so-called Mesolithic Crisis - in southern Portugal during the millennia prior to the introduction of domestic animals.

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