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Nuno Queiroz

Nuno Queiroz

Principal Researcher

16 Theses
Antonia Kloecker Species distribution modelling of migratory sharks in Norwegian waters to inform ecosystem-based management under global change. University of Oslo. Supervisors: Nuno Queiroz, Claudia Junge
Gonzalo Mucientes Sandoval Shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) reproductive biology, behavioural ecology and fisheries. Universidad de Vigo. Supervisor: Nuno Queiroz
Ivo da Costa Fine-scale swimming strategies and metabolic performance of ectothermic blue sharks under environmental gradients. Supervisors: Nuno Queiroz, David Sims, Yuuki Watanabe
BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto
Miguel Furtado Comparative behaviour physiology of bluefin and bigeye tuna in the north Atlantic Ocean. Universidade de Lisboa. Supervisors: Nuno Queiroz, Rui Rosa (MARE, Laboratório Marítimo da Guia, Universidade de Lisboa), Pedro Afonso
Rita Ramos Movement, behaviour and microclimate habitat requirements of endangered grassland birds in a warming world. Supervisors: João Paulo Silva, Nuno Queiroz, Aldina Franco (University of East Anglia, UK)
BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto
Sophie Prendergast Forecasting the distribution of iconic oceanic sharks and rays in a dynamic ocean for conservation and sustainable uses. Universidade dos Açores. Supervisors: Nuno Queiroz, Jorge Fontes, David Sims, Camrin Braun
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