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Miguel B. Araújo

Miguel B. Araújo

Visiting Full Professor

9 Theses
María Triviño De la Cal (2012) Global Change Impacts and Conservation Priorities in the Iberian Peninsula
Mariana Munguía (2012) The Plioscene-Pleistoscene period in the American Biotic Interchange. National Autonomous University of Mexico
Diogo André Alves Salgado Rodrigues Alagador (2011) Selecting areas for biodiversity conservation under global environmental change
Ana Filipa da silva Pereira Machado Filipe (2010) Patterns and processes of freshwater fish distribution and diversity in the Iberian Peninsula
Doutodamento em biologia
Christian Hof (2009) Species distributions and climate change: current patterns and future scenarios for biodiversity
Francisco Dinis (2009) Predicting richness of arthropod species in the Azores
Irina Levinsky (2009) Impacts of climate change on African vertebrate species.
Pedro Segurado (2008) Occurrence and persistence of freshwater turtles in Portugal: problems of scale and implications for conservation
Fábio André Carvalho dos Santos (2000) Optimizing global biodiversity conservation priorities in a changing world. BIODIV Doctoral Programme. University of Porto. Supervisors: Miguel Araújo,Diogo Alagador
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