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Marta Reis

Marta Reis

MSc Student

MSc Student
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CIBIO-InBIO, Universidade do Porto, Campus de Vairão, Rua Padre Armando Quintas, 4485-661 Vairão, Portugal

I’ve graduated in Biology at the University of Lisbon in 2013, and then I begin my Masters in Marine Ecology also at FCUL . I’m passionate for Biology in general, therefore, I’ve been volunteering in several institutions with the objective of amplifying my skills in different areas like Botanic, Ichthyology, Ornithology. Now I’m in the field of Marine Biology and I’m even more passionate for the ocean and all its diversity.

Currently I’m at the beginning of my Master thesis with the Behavioural Ecology Group (CIBIO) under the orientation of Marta Soares (CIBIO-InBIO) and Professor Carlos Assis (FCUL). My work will be focus in the mechanisms of symbiosis of cleaner fishes and his clients, and my main goal is trying to discover the outcome of that cleaner-seeking behavior that is common in some species.

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