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Maria do Carmo Silva Salgueiro

Maria do Carmo Silva Salgueiro

Research Technician

Research Technician
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My main field of interest regards the Ecology and Conservation of vertebrates, especially terrestrial mammals. Since 2005, I have been working in several projects aiming the conservation and rehabilitation of fauna. Up to now, my areas of research are pinpointed by the relation between Nature conservation and human activities, seeking compromises that uplift the sustainable use of landscape and natural resources. Therefore, I mainly interest in the areas of Conservation and Ecology of terrestrial fauna (emphasis on mammals); Ecological rehabilitation promoting fauna diversity; Ecological services and species interactions.
I started to study mammals during my graduation in the University of Évora, were I studied the habitat selection of the European badger (Meles meles). Afterwards, I investigated the relationship of small mammals and rabbits abundance with the predators’ roadkill (carnivores, owls and snakes) during my Master thesis. Therefore, I have specialized in mammal census techniques, such as small mammals trapping; sign surveys for ungulates, carnivores, lagomorphs and voles detection; camera traps; tracking-plates; scent stations; and VHF telemetry. Along my working practice I have also collaborated in surveys of insects, amphibians, reptiles and owls.

Currently, I am working in a project aiming the ecological rehabilitation of quarries. This project attends with impact assessment, implementation of mitigation measures and long-term monitoring of fauna communities, in order to promote best management practice on quarry rehabilitation. Additionally, I have focused my research on fundamental questions involving the implications of quarries rehabilitation on functional responses of fauna communities, such as the connectivity of populations and animal-plant relations. I have also been working in a wildlife road mortality monitoring project, aiming to reduce the impact of linear infrastructures in fauna casualties.

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