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I understood

Maria Ana Manso Dionísio

PhD Student

PhD Student
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CIBIO, Departamento de Biologia, Universidade dos Açores, Rua Mãe de Deus, 13A. 9501-855 Ponta Delgada

Started collaboration on research projects on marine invertebrates in 1998 and finished undergraduate studies in Biology/Marine Biology at the University of the Azores (2003). Master in Management of Marine resources by the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (2006). Developed research with crustaceans (Microcassiope minor /Megabalanus azoricus). Also involved in coastal management plans for small islands in the archipelago. Had a research grant within the project POCI/MAR/58185/2004 and now holds a PhD fellowship approved to study the giant barnacle, Megabalanus azoricus, in collaboration with Newcastle University.

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