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Jael Palhas

Research Assistant

Research Assistant
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Jardim Botânico do Porto – Rua do Campo Alegre 1191, 4150 Porto

I graduated in ecotourism and did master degree in aplied ecology. In both I have focused my work on the study of amphibians and on its reproduction habitats. Currently I am responsible for the coordination the execution of the environmental education program “Charcos com Vida” (Ponds with Life) and of the Exibit “Anfíbios – uma pata na água, outra na terra”. I am also working in the LIFE+ Project Trachemys for the eradication of alien invasive turtle species in the south of Portugal and Spain. My main research interests are the herpetology and pond ecology; environmental interpretation planning as a powerful tool for environmental education; ecotourism (and scientific tourism) based strategies for nature conservation and sustainable development.

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