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Andreia Dias

Andreia Dias


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CIBIO-InBIO, Universidade de Évora, Casa Cordovil 2ª Andar, Rua Dr. Joaquim Henrique da Fonseca, 7000-890 Évora, Portugal

My main field of interest centers around the Ecology and Conservation of vertebrates, especially birds of prey. Since 2003, I have been working on several projects focusing on Management and Nature Conservation.
Some examples include the following: my MsC thesis, "Red Partridge (Alectoris rufa) Census Methods in Areas with High and Low Density”; "The study of the Impact of Power Lines on Birds” in "Peneda-Gerês National Park” within the Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) conservation project; the Agris Project "Action Plan of Game Management and Rural Development in Peneda-Gerês National Park”; the LIFE-Nature project: "Conservation of Tree-nesting Bonelli's eagle (Aquila fasciata) Populations" coordinated by CEAI (Center for Studies of Iberian Avifauna); ”Reintroduction of the Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) in Portugal” - CIBIO/EDP; "Reintroducing the Osprey in Switzerland”;
I´ve also collaborated with the "Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment”, in researching projects, attaching transmitters to birds (e.g. Bearded Vultures (Gypaetus barbatus), Black Vultures (Aegypius monachus), Audouin Seagulls (Larus audouinii).


Currently, I’m working on my PhD at Barcelona University, where my research focuses on the ecology of the expanding tree-nesting of the Bonelli´s eagle population of southern Portugal.
Although the species has an Endangered conservation status in Portugal, in the South of the country it shows distinctive genetic, ecological and behavioural features, being the only fast growing population of its kind in Europe.
The main aims of the study are:

  1. Habitat selection;
  2. Spatial and temporal patterns of this tree-nesting, and the Bonelli´s eagle range of expansion;
  3. The use of stable isotopes to analyse the Bonelli´s eagle diet;
  4. A long-term demographic behaviour of an increasing population of Bonelli´s eagle.


In addition to increasing scientific knowledge of this Endangered species and this particular tree-nesting population, the results will help with the decision – making regarding the implementation of conservation management tools, not only for this species but also to others with similar ecology.

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