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Ana Maria Caixado Novo da Costa

Ana Maria Caixado Novo da Costa

PhD Student

PhD Student
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Laboratórios de Arqueociências do IGESPAR I.P., Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, 1349-021

I studied Geology in Lisbon University and graduated in 2001. I have completed my MSc in 2008 in Dynamic Geology (Lisbon University). The main objective of this work was to understand the role of submarine canyons in transporting sediments from land to the deep sea, including recent sediments enriched in anthropically derived metals.


In 2011 I became integrated LARC and subsequently EnvArch as a BI in Geoarchaeology. I am currently involved in two main projects. In one – leading to a PhD thesis – I intend to reconstruct the environment experienced by late Mesolithic hunter-gatherer groups in the Sado river area 8000 years ago by analyzing environmentally sensitive proxies in sediment cores collected in the Sado alluvial plain. In the other – Lisbon Stories (not financed) has as its main objective to “tell stories” about Lisbon and the surrounding areas through time also using the sediments as a principal source of information. Several samples have been collected in the Lisbon waterfront in sites containing archaeological finds. The study of these sediments will help us to reconstruct the dynamics of the Tagus river system over time, and will provide information about the relation of the human population with the river at different times in the past, at different places and in undertaking different activities.

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