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I understood


Last week, in an article for the Not Bad Science – a Scientific American networked Blog, postdoctoral researcher Felicity Muth wrote about how serotonin affects the behaviour of different animals. In it, Felicity highlighted the scientific article co-authored by CIBIO-InBIO’s researchers João Messias and Marta Soares and former collaborator José Paula on the effect of that neurotransmitter in the behavior of cleaner wrasses, which made the cover of the March issue of the journal Behavioral Ecology.


To read the full text in the Scientific American blog, please follow the link:


Serotonin-deprived cleaner fish are socially withdrawn | Not Bad Science - Scientific American Blogs | Aug 26, 2015


To read the original article published by the journal Behavioral Ecology, please, click here.


Image Credits: orestART

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