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I understood



Nature photographer João Cosme travelled to Alto Minho in search for wolves. That journey resulted in the exciting story that can be found in the September issue of the magazine National Geographic Portugal.


This alluring prose acquaints us with the current status of the Iberian wolf in our country, and highlights the projects in which researchers of CIBIO-InBIO were involved: ranging from the critical analysis of Francisco Álvares, to the contribution of Mónia Nakamura and Helena-Rio, and to the unexpected results of a study coordinated by Raquel Godinho and Nuno Ferrand that examined 73 genetic samples of Wolf.


To know more about this subject, please, see the following links:

No Trilho do Lobo (PDF) | National Geographic Portugal | Sep 2014 (in Portuguese)


NOTE: The text, published in September 2014, is disclosed with the permission of magazine National Geographic Portugal. All the photos authored by João Cosme.


Additional materials about this piece can be found in the following links:

No trilho do lobo | National Geographic Portugal | Sep 2014 (in Portuguese)
João Cosme e os Lobos (entrevista) | National Geographic Portugal | Sep 2014 (in Portuguese)

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