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InBIO, the Research Network in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, is one of four Portuguese institutions to receive approximately 2.5 M€ from the European Commission’s ERA Chairs scheme, framed within the HORIZON 2020 Programme. From 88 submitted applications, only 13 were approved for funding. Amongst is our research network, which together with the Molecular Medicine Institute (IMM), Coimbra’s University, and the 3B’s Research Group from the University of Minho, will attract a significant amount of 10 M€. 


EU awards grants to help less developed research institutes recruit talent | Science Business | Feb 19, 2015


Quatro instituições portuguesas recebem financiamento de 10 milhões de euros | News Farma | Feb 17, 2014 (in Portuguese only)

Quatro instituições de investigação portuguesa recebem financiamento de 10 milhões | Jornal i | Feb 16, 2015 (in Portuguese only)


Quase 10 milhões chegam a quatro instituições nacionais | Correio do Minho | Feb 15, 2015 (in Portuguese only)


Portugal ganha verbas europeias para a ciência | Diário de Notícias | Feb 13, 2015 (in Portuguese only)


CIBIO recebe 2,5 Milhões para criar cátedra em Metagenómica Ambiental | Notícias Universidade do Porto | Feb 13, 2015 (in Portuguese only)



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