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I understood


Last May, in an article for the Extinction Countdown – a Scientific American networked Blog, science journalist John R. Platt wrote about how increasing demand for water, changes in agricultural practices and land conversion are threatening African insects. In it, John highlighted the scientific article co-authored by the CIBIO-InBIO researchers Sónia Ferreira, Fernando Martínez-Freiría, Paulo Célio Alves and José Carlos Brito on the decreasing of populations of the endangered Coenagrion mercuriale in North Africa, published by the International Journal of Odonatology.


To read the full text in the Scientific American blog, please follow the link:


Damselfly in Distress: Water Shortages and Cannabis Threaten African Insect | Extinction Countdown - Scientific American Blogs | May 15, 2015


To read the original article published by the International Journal of Odonatology, please, click here.



Image Credits: Southern damselfly by Gilles San Martin. Used under Creative Commons license.

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