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Constitution of the Mértola Biological Station Association (EBM)

Constitution of the Mértola Biological Station Association (EBM)
On 18th June, the Mértola Biological Station Association (EBM) was founded, a non-profit entity that will be responsible for the future management of the Mértola Biological Station.
The founding partners of the association are the BIOPOLIS Association, Mértola City Council, the University of Porto and EDIA, S.A.

The Mértola Biological Station is a project designed to promote applied scientific research and the transfer of knowledge and technology. Its goal is to support territorial strategies for biodiversity conservation, the valorisation of wild resources, regeneration of ecosystems and agro-ecological transition in a region with a semi-arid Mediterranean climate that is highly vulnerable to climate change and desertification.

The Station will also carry out advanced training and will be involved in the dissemination of knowledge and the provision of services at regional, national and international levels.

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