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CIBIO-InBIO’s Scientific Coordinator interviewed by Júlio Magalhães for Porto Canal

CIBIO-InBIO’s Scientific Coordinator interviewed by Júlio Magalhães for Porto Canal

Professor Nuno Ferrand de Almeida, Scientific Coordinator of CIBIO-InBIO and Director of the Natural History and Science Museum of the University of Porto, was interviewed by Júlio Magalhães for the Portuguese regional TV station Porto Canal.


The news piece, originally broadcasted last Friday, April 29, 2016, highlighted some of Professor Ferrand’s outstanding professional achievements which have led him to become one of the most prominent national scientists, and one who is widely recognized internationally due to his notable contribution to advance research on biological sciences and raise public awareness towards pressing topics in this field, especially in what concerns biodiversity, genetics and conservation.


The interview unfolds focusing on various cornerstones in the Professor’s career, including his commitment as one of the six experts that constitute the working group recently established by the Portuguese Ministry of Science with the purpose of rethinking the evaluation of the Portuguese scientific system, but also his unparalleled vision and strategic outlook for CIBIO-InBIO, as well has his efforts to coordinate the unprecedented museological project promoted by the University of Porto and aimed the profound restructuring and refurbishment of the Natural History and Science Museum.


In addition to shed some light on his extraordinary projects, Professor Ferrand provides a clear-cut expert view on the current state of the national scientific system, discussing various hot topics that are now or will soon be in the scientific and political agendas, both nationally and internationally, and that attracted great public attention.


Do not miss out on the opportunity to watch this stimulating interview and get to know a bit more about all these relevant and interesting topics. To do so, please follow the link below:


Júlio Magalhães - Nuno Ferrand | Porto Canal | Apr 29, 2016 (Information available in Portuguese)


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