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CIBIO-INBIO Research is on the cover of SCIENCE magazine

CIBIO-INBIO Research is on the cover of SCIENCE magazine
For the first time a study led by CIBIO-InBIO researchers is on the cover of Science magazine and has featured greatly in the media.

In an article published by the prestigious journal, Science, a team led by CIBIO-InBIO researchers Miguel Carneiro, Ricardo Lopes, Pedro Araújo, Małgorzata Gazda, Pedro Andrade, Sandra Trigo, Cristiana Marques, Paulo Pereira and Sandra Afonso reveals how changes in the expression of a single gene can generate dramatic differences in coloration between male and female birds.

In this study, the scientists found a single strongly divergent region in the DNA of a mosaic canary compared to other canary breeds. In this divergent region of the genome, there is a gene responsible for the differences in plumage coloration between males and females.
The results of the study also have revealed that this gene acts in the same way in other bird species of the same family, suggesting that it may be a common mechanism for sexual dichromatism in birds.

This relevant study was highlighted on the cover of the journal Science and was featured in national and international newspapers.

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To read the national press release for this study, please click here.

To access the original article, please click here.

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