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CIBIO-InBIO Research highlighted in a TV programme

CIBIO-InBIO Research highlighted in a TV programme
CIBIO-InBIO researchers Fernando Lima, Rui Seabra and Nuno Queiroz discussed their innovative projects in Biosphere, a TV programme dedicated to environmental issues.

Climate change: what can we learn from scientists? This was the question CIBIO-InBIO researchers addressed when explaining the integration of smart environmental sensors and data loggers in their research. These instruments can be used to study the response of organisms to short- and long-term changes in the environment.

In a first project, focusing on the thermal stress and biogeography of coastal species, temperature loggers have been showing that thermal variability along the European coast is much higher than anticipated, influencing the physiological performance and promoting changes in the distribution of several key species. In a second project, researchers highlighted a new data logger capable of recording oxygen, temperature and spatial position of large oceanic fish. These loggers will soon be used to study the impact of oxygen depletion and warming on the behavior of sharks in the Atlantic.

To access the video, please follow the link.

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