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I understood



This annual festival, that typically attracts an impressively large number of visitants, was the stage for a wealth of exciting activities co-organized by several institutions, including CIBIO-InBIO. In this year’s event we were represented in two main activities: guided tours through the Park and a Bioquiz.

Throughout the day, CIBIO-InBIO researchers fostered guided visits to various spots across the Park in search of the most amazing examples of fauna and flora, in a set of activities called “Discovering the Biodiversity of the Park”. Meanwhile, near the rural center of the Park, our science communication team strived to engage the visiting children and adults alike, challenging them to test their knowledge about biodiversity in a funny and relaxed question and answer game: the “BioQuiz”. All of these initiatives were carried out in close collaboration with the Serralves 360º Project Team.


This very pleasant day was an opportunity to gather different generations in one of the most beautiful parks of the city, and to get them in contact with Science

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