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I understood



José Manuel Grosso Silva was interviewed by the magazine “Parques e Vida Selvagem” concerning the Asian hornet, an invasive species already identified in several localities in the North of Portugal.


Even though this this wasp was firstly observed in our country four years ago, in 2011, to this very day there are still several myths and fears about it, some of which refer to the animal as being a giant hornet or a killer wasp. Along the interview, José Manuel debunked these myths and clarified the true nature of this insect. The researcher explained that although the wasp may attack people, its sting is not lethal. He also mentioned that due to its size, the Asian hornet can easily be misidentified and taken by a native species. In addition, José Manuel talked about the origins of the animal, its life cycle, and what to do in order to control the threats it presents to biodiversity.


To know more about this issue, please follow the link:
A Vespa que veio da Ásia | Parques e Vida Selvagem, 48: 54-56 | Outono 2014 (Portuguese only)

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